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A Reminder & an Announcement

No post today, but you’ll be able to read several special limericks starting tomorrow and for a whole week, while I’ll  be having a good time in England. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the Bicentenary Events page, which has now … Continue reading

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Vivien is No Longer with Us

I have just heard from Charles Lewsen that Vivien Noakes died yesterday afternoon. There is no need to empahsize how important she was, and is, to all students of Edward Lear. I’ll just say that she was always supportive and … Continue reading

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The Victorian age saw a remarkable increase in the cult of personality and a consequence of this was a growing interest in collecting famous people’s autographs. An insatiable demand for historical manuscripts and celebrities’ signatures led to the creation of … Continue reading

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Here we go!

Just a short post to see that the new blog and the RSS feeds are working properly. For information on this new (and hopefully improved) Blog of Bosh see the About page.

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Cassowary vs Missionary

The tragic consequences of being a missionary in Timbuctoo were the subject of one of the infrequent comic strips in Punch (22 February 1868, vol. 54, pp. 80-1). The little poem around which the story turns is known in several … Continue reading

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The Ladies and Scott

Moonshine, a magazine established in 1879, published the following parody of Edward Lear’s “Akond of Swat” on 1 January 1898 (p. 2); it was prompted by the leading dramatic critic of its age Clement Scott’s assertion that “it was practically … Continue reading

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Peter Newell, Independence Day in the Country

Old Billy ushers in the day when in the early morn He winds a merry roundelay upon his crumpled horn. Peter Newell, from Harper’s Young People, vol. XV, No. 766, 3 July 1894, p. 616.

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Il libro esplosivo

My Italian translation of Peter Newell’s Rocket Book, Il libro esplosivo, has been out for some time now. The publisher, orecchio acerbo, have a beautiful book trailer on YouTube: While you are there, don’t miss the short for Stefano Benni’s … Continue reading

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Full Owl and Pussy-Cat from The Beano

On the Beano site you can now read the full comic-book adaptation of Edward Lear’s “The Owl and the Pussy-Cat” by Hunt Emerson. The last page includes a short biography of the poet.

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A Photographer's Day Out… with Edward Lear

Nancy Hill, a photographer and writer as well as old time fan of Edward Lear’s nonsense, has a new site showcasing her photographic work. Of particular interest are two portfolios: Fools and Limericks.

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