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Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes, by Mary G. Jones, ran in the New York Herald from 10 July to 6 September 1903; it was one of several nonsense-rhyme cartoons in the Sunday supplements of the early years of the 20th century. The strip above, … Continue reading

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WS Gilbert’s Nonsense Poems

W.S. Gilbert never really wrote Nonsense; his Bab Ballads and other collections, while obviously influenced by Edward Lear ― especially in the strongly caricatural style of the pictures accompanying his poems in the early editions – are rather in the … Continue reading

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The Gook

Gustave Verbeek‘s Loony Lyrics of Lulu, 17 July – 23 October 1910, presented an adventure of Lulu and her “papa” with a fantastic animal described in the last panel in a limerick composed by Lulu, a real tour de force, as … Continue reading

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Edible Clothes Redux

When I posted two of George Cruikshank’s caricatures which might have inspired Edward Lear in writing “The New Vestments” I forgot to link to this great article on Lear’s poem by Carol Rumens in the Guardian of 30 December 2013: Edward Lear’s The … Continue reading

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George Cruikshank, Undeviating Rectitude, 1819. British Museum images.

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Something to Read

The holidays are over, but if you are still looking for some good Edward Lear reading here is a list of relatively new items: John Varriano has a long article in the Christmas 2013 issue of Treasures of Malta on “Edward … Continue reading

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Gustave Verbeek’s Cruel Tales and the Nonsense Tradition

[I wrote this short article for The Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek: The Complete Sunday Comics 1903-1905, edited by Peter Maresca, foreword by Martin Gardner. Palo Alto, CA: Sunday Press Books, 2009, where it appeared under the title “Verbeek’s Loony Lyrics … Continue reading

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