The Tomfoolery Show

The Tomfoolery Show
The Tomfoolery Show was a short-lived collection of animated shorts based on the nonsensical poetry of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, with occasional nods to other literary classics by Ogden Nash and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Yesterdayland Saturday Morning TV
ONE OF those bizarre half-remembered cartoons produced by Rankin/Bass in conjunction with British cartoon studio Halas And Batchelo, the humour on the show centered around riddles, puns, and nonsensical jokes, with the titular Tom Foolery, a long-legged ball thing, a Yongy Bongy Bo, a chicken being hit by a jigsaw piece, all based around the poems of Edward Lear with characters such as Fastidious Fish and The Ubiquitous Umbrella Maker. “We’re putting on the nonsense, The funny stuff and nonsense, With riddles, jokes and silly things, It’s all Tomfoolery….”
TV Cream [search for ‘tomfoolery’, you can also download a couple of themes from the program in mp3.]

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2 Responses to The Tomfoolery Show

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  2. Matthew Hall says:

    The long legged ball thing was called the fastidious fish who walked around in a fish bowl on stits with shoes.

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