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Edward Lear Letters under the Hammer

Several letters by Edward Lear were auctioned last September at Forum Auctions. I would be interested in knowing where they ended up, especially the two containing nonsense and pictures. One from 1848 to Charles Church on their travels in Greece … Continue reading

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Jennie Feldman, The Grey Bird

No bright rhyme for this backward glare, the oboe-squawk half throttled with hindsight’s effort. Barely, acrobatically, hanging on. Is it in the way fear squiggles a frown and overdoes the eye’s black brow that we glimpse relief? Gravity resisted against … Continue reading

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Edward Lear, Hubert and Arnold Congreve (1871)

This one is a very unusual picture for Edward Lear, and I think it shows clearly why he avoided placing large human figures in the foreground of his paintings. Here the two boys are drawn in a stiff pose and appear completely separated from … Continue reading

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Edward Lear, A Letter to Spencer Vincent and his Dog

Edward Lear: Two autograph letters signed (“Edward Lear”), to Spencer Vincent (“Dear Vincent”) and his dog (“Dear Fan”), the letter to the human containing a full-page picture of food for the dog to contemplate, with each morsel captioned (“…A. a noblong … Continue reading

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Technical Tendencies of Caricature (illustrated by G. Verbeek)

Henry McBride & Gustave Verbeck, “Technical Tendencies of Caricature.” The Monthly Illustrator, Vol. 4, No. 13, May 1895, pp. 215-219.

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A Wheelbarrow to Hell

In a previous post, The natural History of the Wheelbarrow, I published a series of images in which a woman was carried around in a wheelbarrow, usually by a loving husband or servants. The first image, however, showed a devil … Continue reading

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Edible Clothes Redux

When I posted two of George Cruikshank’s caricatures which might have inspired Edward Lear in writing “The New Vestments” I forgot to link to this great article on Lear’s poem by Carol Rumens in the Guardian of 30 December 2013: Edward Lear’s The … Continue reading

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