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Peter Newell, The Johnson Family at the Columbian Exposition (1893)

One of the most annoying aspects of Peter Newell’s production was his frequent reliance on racial stereotypes, which often becomes racism tout court; here is what Bridget R. Cooks writes in “Fixing Race: Visual Representations of African-Americans att the World’s … Continue reading

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Carolyn Wells’s Lovely Lilly

Carolyn Wells often contributed to the children’s sections of newspapers in the first decade of the XX century. One of the weirdest of these contributions was no doubt Adventures of Lovely Lilly, which ran in the Sunday New York Herald from December 1906 … Continue reading

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The First Terror of the Tiny Tads

First instalment of Gustave Verbeek’s Terrors of the Tiny Tads, May 28, 1905. On Verbeek here and at nonsenselit.org. From Peter Maresca’s Origin of Sunday Comics series.

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Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes, by Mary G. Jones, ran in the New York Herald from 10 July to 6 September 1903; it was one of several nonsense-rhyme cartoons in the Sunday supplements of the early years of the 20th century. The strip above, … Continue reading

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A Wheelbarrow to Hell

In a previous post, The natural History of the Wheelbarrow, I published a series of images in which a woman was carried around in a wheelbarrow, usually by a loving husband or servants. The first image, however, showed a devil … Continue reading

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The Gook

Gustave Verbeek‘s Loony Lyrics of Lulu, 17 July – 23 October 1910, presented an adventure of Lulu and her “papa” with a fantastic animal described in the last panel in a limerick composed by Lulu, a real tour de force, as … Continue reading

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JP Benson’s Woozlebeasts

A rare example of a coloured Woozlebeasts strip by John Prentiss Benson (11 September 1904). On nonsenselit.org you will find the full run of the newspaper strips, in black and white, as well as the 1905 book published by Moffat, … Continue reading

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