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Mother Goose Dusts the Moon

Peter Newell, cover for Harper’s Young People: An Illustrated Weekly, vol. VL No. 279, 3 March 1885. For more moon dusting see Aliquis’s The Flight of the Old Woman Who was Tossed Up in a Basket. Advertisements

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George C. Chappelle, ‘Twas Ever Thus

George C. Chappelle, “‘Twas Ever Thus.” Sculpture by Gilbert White. The Metropolitan Magazine, vol. XXII no. 6, September 1905, p. 773.

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Jimmy Swinnerton’s Mother Goose

The early comics supplements in American newspapers often used traditional nonsense and nursery rhymes to fill their pages. Here is an example of an updated version of Mother Goose rhymes by one of the pioneers of comics, Jimmy Swinnerton; it … Continue reading

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