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Peter Newell, The Johnson Family at the Columbian Exposition (1893)

One of the most annoying aspects of Peter Newell’s production was his frequent reliance on racial stereotypes, which often becomes racism tout court; here is what Bridget R. Cooks writes in “Fixing Race: Visual Representations of African-Americans att the World’s … Continue reading

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Edward Lear and his Garden

The last page of a letter from San Remo, by Edward Lear; from the George Gery Milner-Gibson-Cullum autograph collection at Trinity College Library, Cambridge.

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Mother Goose Dusts the Moon

Peter Newell, cover for Harper’s Young People: An Illustrated Weekly, vol. VL No. 279, 3 March 1885. For more moon dusting see Aliquis’s The Flight of the Old Woman Who was Tossed Up in a Basket.

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Edward Lear’s Picture Letters

Haughton, Hugh. “Just Letters: Corresponding Poets.” In Letter Writing Among Poets: From William Wordsworth to Elizabeth Bishop. Ed. Jonathan Ellis. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2015. 57-80. [Google Books]: Thinking of ‘snail mail’ brings to mind two pictorial letters from the … Continue reading

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Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes, by Mary G. Jones, ran in the New York Herald from 10 July to 6 September 1903; it was one of several nonsense-rhyme cartoons in the Sunday supplements of the early years of the 20th century. The strip above, … Continue reading

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A Wheelbarrow to Hell

In a previous post, The natural History of the Wheelbarrow, I published a series of images in which a woman was carried around in a wheelbarrow, usually by a loving husband or servants. The first image, however, showed a devil … Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty by Aliquis

Last year I posted Edward Lear’s version of Humpty Dumpty, and was reminded of Aliquis’s Pictorial Humpty Dumpty (London: Tilt & Bogue, 1843, but the cover clearly has 1842), another “panorama” by the author of The Flight of the Old … Continue reading

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